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Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Twenty six students decorated a pumpkin for the Book Character Contest. They were all amazing. The top three each received a new book, poster, and candy.

1st place:

Let's Pop, Pop, Popcorn!

(By Daegan Markferding)

2nd place:

Gru and the minions

(By Brooks and Cada Klaiber)

3rd place:

The Little Mermaid

(By Madyn Markferding)

Volunteer Information

Per the new volunteer policy, all volunteers must complete the following items to be approved:

  • Volunteer Application
  • Volunteer Disclosure
  • Volunteer Affidavit OR
  • FBI fingerprint clearance processed through the Dept. of Ed. (only required if you have not lived in PA the past 10 years)
  • Child Abuse Clearance
  • PA Criminal Background Clearance
  • 3-hour Mandated Reporter of Child Abuse Training
  • TB test

Links/Information to complete these forms along with the Volunteer guidelines are listed below.

Click here for Policy 916 Volunteers on Board Docs

Click here for the Volunteer Application

Click here for the Volunteer Disclosure

Click here for the Volunteer Affidavit

Click here for Child Abuse Clearance information

Click here for PA Criminal Background Clearance

Click here for TB Test Form (required for volunteers - sections I and III - TB test only)

Click here to obtain an FBI Fingerprint Clearance through IdentoGo -use service code 1KG6XN

Click here to access free online Mandated Reporter of Child Abuse training

Once you have completed all the necessary items, please submit your completed packet to your child's school office. Information will be reviewed, then forwarded to the Administration Office for further processing. Volunteer applications will then require School Board approval. All approved volunteers will receive a letter in the mail indicating they have been approved.

clip art of school bus with students
collage of bus driver thank you photos

The Foot of Ten students, PTO and staff helped to show their appreciation to the bus and van drivers on Monday, September 26th with a "Grab and Go" Breakfast. The student's made thank you cards and signs to "Thank" the drivers. The drivers were welcomed that morning with signs posted outside the school and a great breakfast!!

  • #hasd